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How to Establish Whether a Public Authority is Responsible for Negligence Actions

Written by: Mohammad Kashefi, LLB (Hons) Finding the relevant law There are many entities that would fall under the category of a… Read More

AICLA / ANZIIF Annual Claims Convention 2018 “Best Practice in Claims”

This week, Dave Andrews and I attended the Annual AICLA (Australian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters) and ANZIIF (Australia and New Zealand… Read More

What Rights do Third Parties Have Against Insurers | Insurance Contracts Act

By: Mohammad Kashefi, LLB (Hons) Rights under the Insurance Contracts Act The rights of third parties against insurers is primarily regulated by… Read More

What happens when hire car costs are excessive and what is the limit on hire car costs?

Written by ADC Legal Hire car costs is something that is often disputed by the at-fault parties or their insurers. The at-fault… Read More

7 Tips to Find the Best Debt Collection Agency

If you are having trouble recovering customer debts, or you have customers who are refusing to pay your invoices, it’s probably time… Read More

Insurance Claims Recoveries – Why is it Important?

Insurance claims recoveries, in this instance, refer to claiming back the cost of repairs for the insured’s loss from the at-fault party…. Read More

Schedule of Fees for Searches and Other Services

Debt Recoveries Australia provide searches to our clients, on a fee per case basis. This only applies to matters where the client… Read More

Why you should outsource your debt collection at EOFY

As a debt collection expert, I see many businesses struggling with managing their accounts receivables. Many also lack the time, resources and… Read More

How to Clear Your Credit Rating

As debt collectors, a big part of our job is helping people avoid a bad credit rating by helping them to repay… Read More