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The cashflow of every business is an important factor to keep the operations of the business afloat. One of the services businesses are able to use to help maintain or improve their cashflow is a debt collection agency.

Ensuring the collector you have chosen is highly reputable in their industry is of utmost importance. To assist in ensuring quality and integrity within the debt collection industry, the Institute of Mercantile Agents was formed.

Established in 1961, the Institute of Mercantile Agents Limited (IMA) represents collectors, investigators, process servers and repossession agents throughout Australia. Elected members networked across Australia work on matters of licensing, privacy, training, and ethics affecting members. Members generally work as agents for principals such as banks, financiers, lawyers, insurers, and the business community.


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    All members of the institute are required to abide by all federal and state laws regarding collections, along with the institutes own Code of Conduct and Ethics.

    It would be important to select a debt collection agency with a good reputation and be an active member of the Institute of Mercantile Agents. Their membership would indicate a basic adherence to professional standards. Through this, you are able to affirm that the debt collection agency you are dealing is a reputable service provider, especially handling cash collections.

    We at Debt Recoveries Australia are an example of an accredited member of the Institute of Mercantile Agents.

    Partnering with the right collection agency can do wonders for your cash flow. Undertaking the appropriate level of due diligence before making a final decision will ensure you not only have a partner that will get you the best results, but will work to protect the reputation of you brand and business.

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