Investigations involve gathering factual information or undertaking surveillance on behalf of clients.

Our panel of licensed investigators have diverse financial, legal & law enforcement backgrounds. They are licensed through the Private Agents Registry, which is administered under the Private Agency Act 1966. Our investigators listen to client’s instructions and seek specific factual information that will assist the clients to make sound commercial decisions on how a claim or situation is to proceed or to be settled.

DRA’s objective is to provide our clients with the facts, whether they are positive or negative, and to facilitate our clients to make the important decisions.

DRA’s experienced surveillance operatives use the latest digital video technology to provide factual evidence as to the veracity of insurance claims and/or other matters which require video or photographic evidence.

Many types of investigations are available. DRA is able to provide investigation services like:

  • Pre – employment checks
  • Workers compensation (factual & surveillance)
  • Motor vehicle (accidents and theft)
  • Family law (surveillance)
  • Missing persons
  • Corporate fraud, corruption and theft
  • Trade mark, copyright and royalty protection
  • Intellectual property
  • Public liability
  • Industrial disputes and prosecutions
  • Investigations and support for corporate claims and litigation
  • Litigation Support, Witness Management and logistical support for major cases

We also provide a comprehensive service in the area of insurance investigations, both factual and surveillance, and can provide reports in the following areas:

  • Compulsory Third Party
  • Marine claims – marinas, boat insurance and pleasure craft
  • Personal injuries – employees and public liability property damage
  • Medical & Professional Negligence
  • Personal Disability and Income Protection
  • Product Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Recovery Claims
  • Rural Accident Investigations
  • Workers Compensation – including dust diseases, occupational stress and
  • Harassment