Customer Survey

At DRA Mercantile we strive on providing outstanding customer services. In order to improve and gain valuable feedback, we would appreciate you taking the time to compete the below survey openly and honestly.

    What is your name?

    What is your reference number?

    On average how long did you have to wait before speaking to an operator?
    I was taken care of immediatelyWithin 3 minutes3-5 minutesMore than 10 minutesI did not get through at all

    Please rate DRA Mercantile Operators on the following:


    Clearly Spoken

    Phone calls returned

    Respond to queries promptly

    Did your DRA Operator consider your current situation and advise you of all options available to you?
    YesI don’t feel they didNo

    Have you experienced any problems with DRA Mercantile?
    Yes, quite oftenYes, but rarelyNoNot that I can recall

    If yes to the above, what were they?

    Preferred method for our operators contacting you?
    By PhoneEmailFaxOtherOther, be specific

    What is your overall satisfaction with DRA Mercantile’s services?
    Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied

    What could we undertake to increase your overall level of satisfaction with DRA Mercantile?

    What services and aspects of DRA Mercantile are you satisfied with?

    Do you have any other comments in regards to our level of service or improvements that could be made?

    Management and Staff at DRA Mercantile than you for taking the time to participate in our survey.