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At Debt Recoveries Australia we strive on providing outstanding customer services and maintaining satisfaction of our client’s. In order to grow, improve and gain valuable feedback, we would appreciate you taking the time to compete the below survey openly and honestly.

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    How satisfied are you with Debt Recoveries Australia’s performance in the following areas:

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    Quality of Operators Customer Service and Professionalism
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    Managing your needs/requests
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    What is your level of satisfaction with Debt Recoveries Australia’s recovery rate?
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    What could we do to improve recovery rate?

    Have you experienced any problems with Debt Recoveries Australia?
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    If yes to the above, what were these problems?

    How did you find the integration of our online services?
    Easy to use and find information on debtsEasy to use, confusing to find information on debtsDifficult to use and find information on debtsI did not use the online serviceI did not know about the online service

    What is your overall satisfaction with Debt Recoveries Australia’s services?
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    Will you continue to use Debt Recoveries Australia?
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    What services and aspects of Debt Recoveries Australia are you satisfied with?

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    Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us improve our recovery process. We are always looking for greater ways of improving our techniques and serving our clients better. We really appreciate your suggestions and look forward to improving our process.