Debt Collection

DRA’s debt collections staff have comprehensive experience in domestic and commercial collections, providing you with all the resources and expertise necessary for fast, efficient debt collection.

Our aim is to maximize recoveries and speed of collections, while being responsive to our client’s individual needs. We are fully licensed as required by state and federal laws. A negotiated commission charge will be payable on the dollar amount of debt recovered. There is no charge if the debt is not collected and no hidden charges.

DRA’s collection practices include regular telephone calls by professional debt recovery and collection specialists. Within 24 hours of receiving your debt account referral, DRA will attempt to make contact with the debtor by letter, email or facsimile, complimented by a telephone call. As the nature of the debt may include field calls or skip tracing, we will take the necessary steps to locate and contact the customer as each matter dictates.

Our “demand” letters are guaranteed to get you results. Letters sent by DRA are often enough to secure payment from your past due accounts quickly, effectively and in full. They can also help avoid more expensive contingent collection efforts such as legal action. We will always strive to collect 100% of the debt. Payment in full is the first priority for our debt recovery specialists.

If the debtor cannot afford to pay, they must then complete a comprehensive financial questionnaire in order for us to ascertain their financial status. It may then be necessary to offer the debtor a reduced lump sum or arrange a suitable payment plan. In this instance, DRA will liaise with you to discuss such an offer and will monitor mutually agreed payments until closure.

If you desire legal action against a debtor, we can refer the file to our internal legal panel for legal action. We have a panel of solicitors available for each state of Australia.