Insurance Recoveries

Outsourcing Insurance recoveries can greatly assist the claims process, allowing internal staff to focus solely on the insured customer while allowing experts to ensure maximum returns on claims paid out and mitigating claims costs across your portfolio.

Debt Recoveries Australia has decades of experience in managing insurance claims recoveries across a variety of classes, including:

  • Domestic and Commercial Property
  • Strata
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Truck, Transport and Heavy Vehicle
  • Caravan
  • Leased Vehicles/Rental Vehicles
  • Marine/Cargo

Our Insurance recoveries services include:

  • Day one recoveries
  • Later stage recoveries
  • Closed file audits
  • Training
  • Legal assistance and litigation via our partner firm ADC Legal

All Debt Recoveries Australia staff assigned to Insurance Recovery portfolios have a background in insurance claims in addition to collections. Our team is well versed and compliant with all industry codes, including the General Insurance Code of Practice.

Debt Recoveries Australia is a member of the following industry bodies:

  • ANZIIF (please link to their website)
  • Institute of Mercantile Agents (please link to their website)

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