Skip Tracing / Locations

We are able to offer fast and efficient location/skip tracing services. We identify and execute the most cost effective location technique relevant to the matter.
We utilise all databases available and have developed a number of internal procedures that achieve consistent results. In-house access to search facilities including the following:

  • On-line current electoral roll
  • Historical electoral rolls
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • Business Names
  • National Personal Bankruptcy
  • NSW, QLD,VIC,ACT and WA Land Titles
  • QLD Vehicle registrations
  • VIC Liquor Licences
  • VIC Magistrates Court

We believe that our success is a result of our consistent follow up and utilisation of experienced field agents. The “field call” has proven to be beneficial in locating a customer’s new address as it allows the agent to make contact with the current occupants and neighbours.

Should the “skip searches” fail to reveal the current whereabouts of the customer then an investigation is an optional extra.

Location searching requires expertise, innovation, and good data management. In difficult matters, our experience enables us to employ alternate methods of inquiry to locate witnesses. This facility is crucial when persons are not listed on electronic databases or have a name so common that the listings are too numerous to be of practical value.