Commission-based collections only-no fees to pay upfront

  • No collect – no fee
  • No annual subscription or sign up fees
  • Free access to online system to load and review debts
  • Free legal letters of demand when needed
  • Customized rates for volume debts and debts over $50,000.

Our commission is based on a sliding scale, so the larger the debt, the less you pay upon collection. The following sliding scale commission rate is charged to each individual debt and only applies to debts that are less than 12 months old*.

Debt AmountOver $10,000.00Between $5,000.00-$10,000.00Under $5,000.00
Commission Rate10%15%20%

*Debts over 12 months old are considered delinquent or “written-off” debts and maybe subject to a higher commission. Special rates may apply to volume accounts or large debts.

Example: On a debt larger than $10,000.00, it is possible that three different commission rates could apply (sliding scale). If the debt is for $20,000.00 and DRA successfully recovers the full amount, the commission charged would be $2,750.00 (excl. GST).

Debt Amount CollectedCommission RateDRA Charge (excl. GST)
Total Charge:$2,750.00

The first $5,000.00 collected out of the total $20,000.00 is charged at 20% commission. The next $5,000.00 of the total debt (between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00) will be charged at 15% commission. The rest of the total debt above $10,000.00 is charged at 10% commission. If DRA only recovers $15,000.00 out of the total $20,000.00 debt, than we would only charge $1,750.00 (excl. GST).

The services provided to you will include:

  • 24/7 Access to our web-based debt collection software so you can view your accounts
  • Formal Legal Notices of demand to the debtor, provided by our partner, ADC Legal-Litigation Lawyers
  • Initial searches, skip-tracing and location work to locate debtor
  • Follow up with automated sms, email and phone demands for payment:
  • Regular update reports
  • Advice on legal opinion related to legal recovery-provided by ADC Legal-Litigation Lawyers

Legal services

We try to avoid legal action to recover your debts unless it’s absolutely necessary. However, there are some instances where legal action is the only method to get your debtors to pay. If the debtor still refuses to pay after we have exhausted all channels of negotiation, we will discuss the legal options and costs with you before we take action. Debt Recoveries Australia partners with ADC Legal-Litigation Lawyers, to provide you with a “one-stop-shop” for debt collection and legal recoveries.  We maintain contact with you throughout the whole recovery and litigation process ensuring you continue to receive professional and seamless service.  You will sign a separate costs agreement with our partner, ADC Legal, if you prefer legal action. See if you would like to discuss this option.


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