How To Place a Debt

What do I need to do?

We provide an agreement outlining the terms and conditions of trade that needs to be signed by an authorised representative of your company. We also provide a simple Debt Referral Form that can be tailored for your business. All the details for each debt you refer to us can be provided on this form and sent to us.

How do I get my money back?

Once we are successful in recovery, the debtor reimburses DRA for the full amount of the debt outstanding, which is banked in our trust account.  We then report and refund back to our clients at the end of each month. We can pay you the amount we collect, less our commission or we can refund the whole amount and then invoice you for our services.

How much will it cost?

We collect debts on a commission only basis. There are no other hidden fees or charges, unless the file is referred to our legal department, which is at your discretion. We have a “no collect- no fee” policy for debt collection. If we are unsuccessful there is no charge to you.  Please click here to view our pricing page.

How do I Place a Debt?

If you are a new client, we will send you a New Client Form and you can return this, along with details of the debts you are referring.

Please make an enquiry if you need to discuss your needs and the terms and conditions of trading with DRA.