How You Can Grow your Connections in LinkedIn

How You Can Grow your Connections in LinkedIn

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by Rose Flores

Hi, my name is Adam Stewart, Debt Collection Expert and owner of Debt Recoveries Australia. This week, Rose Flores, Account Executive at Debt Recoveries Australia, has an interesting article about how to use Linkedin to grow your connections online. Here is her article:

How You Can Grow your Connections in LinkedIn

Hi, my name is Rose Flores, Account Executive at Debt Recoveries Australia.

LinkedIn is like any other social media, very helpful in posting resumes, finding jobs, taking part in industry-based discussions and finding potential clients or customers.

However, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is a social network that is based on making connections, rather than friends. The primary purpose is for business opportunities and professional networking. Users can follow different companies and can receive notifications. It also allows users to research companies they may be interested in working with. Using the advanced search tools, users can find members matching their specific keywords that will connect to their search criteria.

Like most social media outlets, LinkedIn will host your personal or professional profile where you can post your information like job info, company details and connections. You can use LinkedIn in many ways such as promoting a business, find potential clients for employers or organization.

Here is some helpful information I can suggest which will help you get a higher response rate and more quality connections on LinkedIn:

1. Keep your profile up to date.

Share more information about who you are, your interests, experiences, businesses, accomplishments or projects. Make it personal and authentic.

2. Every time you meet someone new, add them in LinkedIn.

This is important especially if you have built a rapport or good relation with them. If your goal is meeting potential clients or customers, you may want to establish a good connection with them. Having them see your achievements, awards and credibility may strengthen their trust in you and your business.

3. Communicate on LinkedIn the same way you would in professional face to face interactions (outside of LinkedIn).

Be unique and authentic, yet professional.

4. Customize your connections requests.

Instead of using the generic “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” message, tailor each request. Remind him/her where you met or explain why you want to connect. They’ll be more likely to respond.

5. Get referrals.

We all know that referrals are one of the best ways to get new lead opportunities. LinkedIn has a referral request function that allows you to send a dedicated message to a profile you are connected with and have them forward your connection request to your target. Proactively request for client referrals.

Example that you can use: “Ms. Client, we’ve been working together for some time and based on your feedback, you have been very happy with our work. I am not sure if you know this, but I have grown my business through warm introduction from my happy clients. I hope you don’t mind, but I noticed you are connected to 9 people that I’d really like to meet, can I run these names by you?”

6. Be responsive.

Reply within a few days to connection requests, personal messages, or comments on group discussions you post. When someone answers a questions you’ve posted, provides an introduction or suggests a job, send him/her a thank you message or respond to their message immediately. The key is to make your connection requests personal and relevant. When it is about them and not you, they will want to connect with you. And when they do, make sure you send them a welcome note that converts them from a new connection to a phone call.

Social media is a very powerful tool and strategy in promoting a business or an organization. Developing a sense of innovation, creativity and competitive intelligence will definitely grow and make your business more profitable. Getting new customers and building connections is the first step towards that profitability.

Keep these LinkedIn tips in mind and your success rate in getting potential clients will rock.


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