5 Sales Skills for Better Debt Collection

5 Sales Skills for Better Debt Collection

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By Ana Fernando

Hi, my name is Adam Stewart, Debt Collection Expert and owner of Debt Recoveries Australia. This week, Debt Recoveries Australia Account Executive Ana Fernando shares how her sales skills have helped her in her current role.

Here is Ana’s article, entitled 5 Sales Skills for Better Debt Collection:

Hi my name is Ana, Account Executive at Debt Recoveries Australia. I have been in the Sales Industry for so many years now and I experienced /tried the different faces of sales. From the easiest to the most difficult, from being a simple call agent to becoming an appointment setter to selling and outbound calls.

I am now a debt collection agent and I know that I cannot compare sales and collections as the two are very different (though both require a specific target or quota)

Today, I would like to share with you some of the things I have learned over the years to help improved my skills as a Sales person that we can apply on a daily basis as a debt collector. I have always been reminded of this phrase “one percent.” Yes, in sales, debt collection, or even in our personal lives; sometimes all it takes is this “one percent” to be better than yesterday’s.

So here are my 5 top sales skills that will help make you a better debt collector:

1. Be Spontaneous.

In sales, you cannot just simply deliver your spiel as is or you’ll end up boring your customer/s. Same goes in debt collection.

Though we do not have a “regular/standard spiel,” as each case is different, we still need to be spontaneous and have a more natural, relax conversation with debtors. After all, we do not want to sound like robots programmed to say this and that, right?

2. Build Rapport.

For others, building rapport is not relevant because all they want to do is to get going, close the sale and move on to the next number. There are some customers who would prefer engaging into small chats and getting to know you.

Rapport building is necessary as this may affect your whole conversation with your customers. Debt collection is not an exception. You can break the ice with debtors by asking even a simple “how is it going or how was your weekend?” so that we don’t sound that we are only focused on “collecting debts.” Just do not overdo it!

3. Be Sensitive.

Ever experienced talking to someone who just won’t listen or just won’t care at all? Output in sales is very important so a lot of sales people tend to ignore the subtle things being given or thrown off by their customers because they need and want sales!

In collections, there will be times when debtors will not feel well and will ask to be called back. Be sensitive enough to acknowledge it then go try again to inject what you need and what you want to do before letting go of the call.

4. A “No” Today Does Not Mean A “No” Tomorrow.

I’ve experienced working for 8 hours straight without any results. As in zero and that was so tiring and frustrating!

If debtors pushed you away or you were following up on an existing arrangement and got a negative result, just brush it off your shoulders and try some other time. Who knows, that debtor might be having some issues or it’s just not a good time to talk.

We ought to remember (and this is what I have learned) that rejection or a NO today will never be the same answer that you will get tomorrow.

5. Listen Actively.

Some sales people are guilty of this. Listening actively can save you time to wrap up a customer and convert that call into a sale. Why? Because you don’t have to go through your whole spiel anymore.

Regardless of which industry you are in, may it be on a personal level or not, listening actively will get you out of trouble, will help you gain your customers’/debtors’ trust, and will definitely give you an output for the day.

I hope these tips have helped you. Remember, in a horse race, the horse who came in first does not mean that it is the best among the rest. Truth is, that horse is just one percent better than the horse who came in second.

Debt Recoveries Australia is the expert at recovering your outstanding debts without the drama. We are also providing free templates for you to use on your debt collection. For more details, email us at email@debtrecoveries.com.au or call 1300 799 511. Tell us your problems on Skype at “debtrecoveries”.


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  1. I liked that you pointed out to dust negative results off your shoulder and try collecting the debt another day. Another tip I’ve heard is to hire a debt collecting company, as they have been professionally trained. My uncle works in construction, so he doesn’t always have the best people skills. Do you have any tips for hiring a debt collector in his area?

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