Australian Institute of Credit Management Annual Conference 2016

Australian Institute of Credit Management Annual Conference 2016

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Hi, my name is Adam Stewart, Debt Collection Expert and owner of Debt Recoveries Australia. I have just completed 3 wonderful days at the Australian Institute of Credit Management (AICM) 2016 Annual Conference, held at Seaworld Nara Resort on the sunny and beautiful Gold Coast.

Australian Institute of Credit Management Annual Conference 2016

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As a debt collection expert with hundreds of clients coming to me with their delinquent debts, I am also asked by a lot of my clients how to properly manage credit within their companies. They want to know all about account receivable management, credit applications, credit insurance, terms of trade, PPSR and legal action. So, I feel it’s my job to properly educate myself about credit management. The AICM conference is a great way for me to increase my knowledge in this area.

Australian Institute of Credit Management Annual Conference 2016

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Plus, being a debt collection geek, I get to talk to loads of interesting people from the credit management area, about credit control matters, especially my area, debt collection. So needless to say, I had a great time.

I must say a special thank you to all the AICM staff who did an incredible job to organise such a large event. James Neate is the new incoming President of the AICM and he did a wonderful job at the President’s dinner function held at Movie World.

Australian Institute of Credit Management Annual Conference 2016

Debt Collection Expert Adam Stewart at the AICM Conference 2016.

The highlight speaker for me was Simon Bligh, CEO of Dun & Bradstreet, who spoke about data driven credit and collection strategies. I could feel Simon’s passion for this area. This, I believe, is the very core of the future of debt collection. Good credit control starts with up to date, accurate data about potential clients to prevent bad debt. In the event of bad debt, locating these debtors also comes down to the availability of accurate, up to date data.

Future debt collection will have no need for skip tracing, since the provision of accurate and up to date data is now so easy to procure, both through publicly available data and paid subscription services, such as those supplied by D & B, Veda, Cite Confirm, Global Data and Creditsoft, amongst others.

Special mention should also go to Andrew MacDonald from Aurizon, who chaired the Leadership Forum at the opening of the conference. This is a recent addition to the conference agenda and for my money, it was quite useful and informative. Andrew also made it a lot of fun, which is always a bonus.

Thanks to all the wonderful people I met over the 3 days and I look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

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