Why Use A Debt Collector

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Delinquent debtors are a costly problem that may impact the bottom line of your business. Although a number of options are available to deal with bad debtors, in reality, they can either be commercially unviable (litigation or mediation), ineffective (utilising minor claim processes such as a civil tribunal), or cause disruptions to the efficacy of your business activities (committing your most competent staff to the task of debt collection). Furthermore, undertaking your own collection actions can be a frustrating and drawn out processes, potentially exposing your business to regulation and technology risks.

The most sensible approach that circumvents all these problems is to engage a debt collector to work alongside your accounts receivable/recovery staff. A competent debt collector knows all the ins-and-outs of relevant industry laws and regulations. As an agent to your business, debt collectors are required by law to act in your business’s best interest, so you will have peace of mind that they will always strive to collect your money as fast as possible. Furthermore, commission-based collectors such as Debt Recoveries Australia work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, which essentially means engaging their services is a risk-free move.

Why Use Debt Recoveries Australia?

Debt Recoveries Australia is licensed to provide collection services in all Australian jurisdictions. Their ‘no win, no fee’ structure ensures their interests are aligned with your business. Leaving unpaid debts in their professional hands means more time for your staff to focus on core business functions. Your business will also be relieved of having to deal with complications that might arise in the collection process, for example a dispute arising, or registering a provable debt with an insolvent/bankrupt debtor. In the event that a debt remains outstanding, Debt Recoveries Australia will always recommend the next cause of action, including conducting litigation on your behalf through their legal department.

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  1. Do you do personal debt collection. The amount awarded in court to me in court but never paid is $25,000 roughly.

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  4. You may not have the time to make frequent telephone calls or to write letters in an effort to collect delinquent debts. Working with debt collectors can simplify our problem in handling of debts and saving time. The good reputation of a debt agency also can be affected our reputation in the eyes of our customers as well. That’s why if you need reliable debt agencies in handling your problems visit credifin-nederland.nl/incassodiensten/incasso

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