Top Reasons to Outsource your Debts to a Debt Collection Specialist

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Dealing with non-paying customers can be extremely frustrating, as any credit manager knows. While customers will do anything to avoid paying their debts, it is more practical to hire the services of a debt collection expert to persuade debtors to make payments. 

Here are my top five reasons why you should outsource your debt collection to a collection expert if you are having difficulty collecting unpaid invoices: 

  1. A debt collector has a wide variety of tools at their disposal to track down evading debtors.

We have experience finding people who appear to have vanished from the face of the earth, as well as dealing with debtors once they are located. We use paid databases, so finding the debtor is the easy part. 

  1. A debt collection expert maintains a neutral and level-headed approach when making collection calls when you outsource to a debt collection agency.

When dealing with difficult customers, it is easy for a creditor to become irritated or angry, which can undermine the effectiveness of their collection calls. A good debt collector understands the importance of remaining calm and acting as a neutral party, applying pressure and more aggressive collection tactics when necessary but never losing their cool. 

  1. When a debtor receives a call from a debt collection expert, they frequently become very concerned that their credit score may be jeopardised.

If customers do not pay their debts, good debt collectors will inform them of the legal options available to creditors. In some cases, the discomfort is enough to persuade them to start making payments, if only to save their credit.  

  1. Debt collection agencies that have been in business for a long time usually employ very experienced debt collectors.

To maximise success and devote their full attention to debt collection, these experts have years of debt collection experience. A credit manager or business owner who attempts debt collection in addition to their other responsibilities clearly does not have the time to develop an effective collection strategy, and having to constantly make collection calls can be detrimental to a company’s overall productivity. 

  1. If a debt collection agency is unable to collect from a debtor, they should have the knowledge and resources to file legal action against the debtor.

Ideally, your debt collection agency will include a legal arm as part of their service. While the legal process is more expensive and time-consuming than regular debt collection, it may be the only option available in some cases. 

Is your company having trouble collecting on unpaid debts? Is it worthwhile to look for a debt collection agency? 

Contact a Debt Collection Expert right away - Adam Stewart, Debt Collection Expert! Debt Recoveries Australia can be reached at 1300 799 511. You can also contact me via email at or Skype at debtrecoveries. 

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