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Insurance Claims Recoveries – Why is it Important?

Insurance claims recoveries, in this instance, refer to claiming back the cost of repairs for the insured’s loss from the at-fault party…. Read More

Schedule of Fees for Searches and Other Services

Debt Recoveries Australia provide searches to our clients, on a fee per case basis. This only applies to matters where the client… Read More

Why you should outsource your debt collection at EOFY

As a debt collection expert, I see many businesses struggling with managing their accounts receivables. Many also lack the time, resources and… Read More

How to Clear Your Credit Rating

As debt collectors, a big part of our job is helping people avoid a bad credit rating by helping them to repay… Read More

Outsourcing Debt Collection Services – Hire a Debt Collector or a Lawyer?

So, your emails and phone calls are getting you nowhere? It’s time to outsource your debt collection services to a professional. But… Read More

Insurance Claims & Recoveries, Section 54 of the Insurance Contracts Act

What’s it About? Section 54 was basically brought in to stop situations, where to simplify the matter greatly, you made a claim… Read More

How to Avoid Getting into Debt – Advice from a Debt Collection Expert

As a debt collector, I often come across the personal accounts of “high-turnover” businesses, who are nonetheless, drowning in debt and struggling… Read More

Five Reasons You Should Pay Your Debt Collector

Being in debt is no fun and have debt collectors calling and emailing, asking for money, is no fun either. The worst… Read More

When to Outsource to a Debt Collector

Most businesses make the mistake of waiting way too long before handing over their accounts receivables to a commercial debt collection agency…. Read More