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Owners Corporations in Victoria – Update

By Mohammad Khashefi LLB (Hons) Owners corporations and insurers in Victoria and whoever was waiting for the changes to section 18 of… Read More


Mohammad Kashefi, LLB (Hons), GDLP Mark Johnson, JD (Hons), GDLP In negligence claims and in particular, motor vehicle collisions, the general presumption… Read More

How Business Process Outsourcing Has Helped Debt Recoveries Australia

For several years now, Debt Recoveries Australia has championed the assistance of an offshore business assistance solution. Here is a brief outline… Read More

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Insurance Claims Recoveries to Expert

Insurance claims recoveries are needed when there is a recoverable amount arising, as a result of a “not at fault” claim. For… Read More

How to get out of debt and stay out

Being a debt collection agency,  we often receive queries asking for advice as to how one can get themselves out of debt. It’s not always easy and sometimes, paying off debts can take… Read More

Closed Case Audits by Debt Recoveries Australia

Now that the new financial year is in play, and all of our reporting and reviews for the end of the previous… Read More

General Insurance Code of Practice and Hardship Continued 

By James McGuire and Gabriella Mirabito  Our last article dealt with the recent changes to the general insurance code of practice, relating to the handling of… Read More

General Insurance Code of Practice and Hardship

As of July 2021, the new general insurance code of practice came in to effect. As Debt Recoveries Australia services a significant… Read More

Managing Cash Flow During Covid

Cash flow is having the right amount of cash in the right places at the right time, every time. This cash can… Read More