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Our Number One Priority Is to Get 100% of Your Debt Repaid

When you outsource your debt collection duties to Debt Recoveries Australia, the result is increased cash flow and a number of big advantages:

• A decrease in the cost of debt collection
• An increase in your company’s profitability
• More profitable use of your current staff
• A fast, efficient debt collection service

To collect your outstanding debts, Debt Recoveries Australia and ADC Legal offer a range of collection services for all corporations, large or small. They include everything from investigation to skip tracing to credit reporting to field calls.

Instant Online Access

Using the latest technology, Debt Recoveries Australia conducts insurance, commercial, and domestic collections. As soon as you hand us an outstanding debt file, we perform an initial contact with your customer within 24 hours.  We protect your reputation by treating your customers with respect and sensitivity.

With regular follow-ups and monthly reports, we also keep you informed of the progress on your debt collection portfolio.  In fact, with our on-line software, you can remotely access your own files from anywhere at anytime.  Once logged in to our system, you can edit your own files and even load debts for us to recover.