Your One Stop Shop for Recovery and Legal Needs

At DRA Debt Recovery Solutions, we offer a wide range of debt recovery services designed to maximize recoveries and expedite the collection process. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized solutions that address the unique requirements of each client.

Operating from our office in Auckland, New Zealand, we are strategically positioned to handle debt recovery on both domestic and international fronts. This location enables us to deliver prompt and effective services to our clients while maintaining a global reach.

To streamline the payment process, we maintain an NZ bank account, allowing debtors to make convenient payments directly. By leveraging technology and prioritizing communication, we replace traditional letters with regular telephone calls and emails, ensuring swift contact with the debtor.

Upon receiving your account referral, our team takes immediate action, aiming to connect with the debtor within 24 hours. In cases where locating the debtor becomes challenging, we employ advanced techniques such as dual calls and skip tracing to locate and establish communication as necessary.

Our debt recovery specialists are committed to collecting 100% of the debt owed. We structure our fees as a negotiated commission charge based on the recovered amount, taking into consideration the nature and age of the debts. This transparent fee structure eliminates additional charges and simplifies your accounting and invoicing processes.

If a debtor is unable to pay the outstanding amount, we request them to complete a comprehensive financial questionnaire to assess their financial status. Based on the provided information, we explore alternative payment options, such as reduced lump sum settlements or suitable repayment plans, ensuring a mutually beneficial resolution.

Should legal action be required or desired, we collaborate with our integrated law firm, ADC Legal, to handle the process seamlessly. With their expertise in debt recovery legal proceedings, we can navigate any legal challenges effectively, protecting your interests throughout.

Choose DRA Debt Recovery Solutions for comprehensive debt recovery services that prioritize your financial success. Our responsive, cost-effective, and tailored approach will help you recover what you're owed efficiently.