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5 Quick Ways to Reduce Outstanding Accounts Receivable

5 Quick Ways to Reduce Outstanding Accounts Receivable My name is Adam Stewart, debt collection expert and owner of Debt Recoveries Australia… Read More

How to handle excuses for Non-payment from debtors and clients

There is nothing worse than that client/debtor that is continually making excuses as to why that cannot pay.  Non-payment of invoices or… Read More

The Importance of an Effective Invoicing Process

For many, invoicing seems like a fairly straight forward process.  You complete a service, then send out the bill with payment due… Read More

Top Ten Late Payment Excuses

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s that time of year when company’s and individuals tend to “slack” on the due dates of payments…. Read More

Making A Debt Collection Call

Making that first initial call when someone owes you money is never easy. Check out these tips from Natalie Walker from MoneyinBusiness… Read More

Why Use A Debt Collector

Delinquent debtors are a costly problem that may impact the bottom line of your business. Although a number of options are available… Read More

6 Legal Tips for Debt Collection

Debt collection can be an uncomfortable process, even for large businesses. These tips are designed to help you understand your options and… Read More

New International Client and Partners in Singapore

Recently, Rina Larobina and Adam Stewart of Debt Recoveries Australia met up with some clients, and also our international debt collection partners,… Read More

Business Fundamentals

“Cash must be managed properly or cash is lost” According to Kim Radok at Credit Matter Pty Ltd this is one of… Read More